Class Act Android App

After a thrilling win at the 2017 Maine App Challenge, Team Redundancy Team was ready to return to attempt another victory. The idea we came up with was Class Act, which consisted of the following tools

  • Alarm that turns off on snow days and delays when there is a delay
  • Assignment calendar that helps people keep track of all of their assignments from Google Classroom or teacher Web sites
  • Study guides, both from other Web sites and written by ourselves to help students study for hard exams and enrich themselves beyond high school curriculum
  • Extracurricular board, to provide students a forum to coordinate extracurricular activities We made it using a similar tech stack of Android/Firebase/Material design.

Class Act Screenshot

It ended up being a little less compelling than Permit Log, I believe mainly because the ideas either relied on network effects we had no hope of creating, or were used to infrequently that it wasn’t really worth it. Plus third party alarms on Android are a special kind of hell, and I don’t know how those apps do it. The video however, as always, kicked ass. In the end we got third place, which I think we were all pretty pleased by.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.