!!Con was a series of conferences held virtually and in New York City. It was focused on lightning talks about novel and fun concepts in computing. I had attended virtually in 2020 and really enjoyed the talks and thought enough of my projects were both novel and fun enough to be presented. So I applied, and to my delight, got accepted to speak. I then of course, actually had to put together my presentation.

Taiko No Tatsugin is one of those rhythm games that, until recently, hadn’t really left Japan in any meaningful way. That changed when Nintendo released it for the Switch in 2018. Coincidentally, in 2019, I had joined my University’s Taiko drumming club. When we got sent home for COVID, I ended up with a few of the drums. Because of the lockdown, I picked up Taiko no Tatsugin, however it requires a special drum controller. It seemed silly that I had a real drum (well, “real”) and a game that required a drum, but I couldn’t use the two together. So I set out to make a way to use my drum with the game.

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